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*********A Pram from Lux4Kids*********

Lux4Kids offers you with our decades of experience in the pram section the best strollers and pushchairs in Europe

Are you buying your fist puschair ever? If your answer is Yes, we strongly encourage you to read through our products page - "Which pram is right for me?" At least then you know what is the best equipment for your situation or appropriate model. For Example if you live outside in the outback or in the city, in your town the road conditions are very bad, the pram must fit in a MiniCopper or even smaller car and many other details you never thought about, but are important to buy a puschair.
Of course you can get addtional advices from our trained pushchair experts. From Monday till Friday your questions would be answered by phone at 033 0001 0398. All our prams, car seats from lux4kids manufactured according to the European Union safety standards, fabricated in Europe.
Here I am human, here i will buy - is our motto.

stroller buy If you buy a stroller, you should hire a stroller comparison and a pram price comparison. Lux4kids customers continue to confirm that confusion has opened them. What do you mean, for example: Maxi Cosi Buggy, pushchair, pram with baby seat to stroller tests? All this must be re-learned in the world baby stroller. Lux4kids has pram pushchair manufacturer of various brands and lux4kids them is buy the stroller with words and deeds. stroller tested: It is advantageous if e.g. the stroller car seat in both directions can be adjusted. This is often the case with cheap stroller is not the case. (Refer to the "pram in the test" lux4kids-research-paper on "line of sight out of the pram"). chassis The baby stroller - Chassis is to be agile so that you can easily escape in tight situations, in shops, on narrow sidewalks, etc. cheap and convenient. The stroller wheel stand is small and handy to be folded together so that you are in the trunk of their car, on the plane with the baggage or wherever, can store practically. wheels and pram tires: Select the stroller wheels and tires of the stroller to suit their needs and taste. On bumpy roads, trails, etc. You need other stroller tires than if you only drive in the city or on paved roads. In almost all brands stroller's appropriate replacement stroller tires. The trained professionals in the baby shop lux4kids Münster, for advice. baby stroller - Repair Whether cheap or expensive stroller, if you buy prams online, in a pram or stroller factory outlet clearance sale, buy your child stroller wherever and strollers are available for repair. Sometimes it is only a small cog, which can always be lost once, then you have the same source where the right can turn out to be already used their stroller back into gear. Used stroller If you want to buy a used stroller, so you should, apart from the other tracks, make a pram comparison. Strollers are often used not technically on the stand is the best stroller cheap, can obscure the otherwise optically perfect condition. In comparison stroller, strollers are needed, not always the cheap stroller. One of the biggest drawbacks is that, when used strollers often track the stroller tire no longer straight runs. Stroller tests show again and again in a stroller comparison, stroller that cheap, but they are new, no matter what stroller brands, technically the better choice, as used stroller. Lux4kids Munster on Hammer Road 350 has trained staff that can advise you. Lux4kids is always ready for the latest tests and trends to offer the best and cheapest stroller models. The stroller of lux4kids were tested according to the latest safety standards En 2011 and chose the latest and the best quality and safety standards. Baby shop Lux4kids has made it his goal to lead stroller for the best price. Nevertheless, lux 4 kids Munster lays great emphasis on safety, quality, comfort and design.